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Monday, March 11, 2013

Ombré to Brunette

Bracelet: c/o Outfit Additions (use code SAUCE for 15% off)

And... my 2-year long no-coloring-my-hair streak is over—I'm officially a brunette!

You may remember a year ago when Daniel wrote his one (and only) post on Aunie Sauce, and showed you a photo of me with brunette hair. Let's just say that since he stumbled upon that photo, he's been asking me with big puppy-dog eyes to go darker, and finally—I did it—though I let him pick the color... if I'm gonna do it, you bet I'm gonna do it right!

Of the 26 years I've been around, only about 1 of them has been enjoyed as a brunette (I've gone dark 3-times before... 3 short times), so here we go...here's to new hair!

PS> My natural color? The top left photo's roots! That's 2-years of grow-out!


  1. Great colour choice Daniel. Loving the new look.

  2. Love this color on you! Two months of root growth drives me CRAZY - I can't even imagine how you did it for two years!

  3. Fun! I recently went dark, but in the last 2 weeks since I've done it, it's really washed out. Which I'm happy about. It was super dark! :) Your hair looks great.

  4. beautiful as always!! I like the dark!


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