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Monday, March 4, 2013

Diagonal Dutch Braid

Ring: c/o rosieMADE (use coupon SAUCYrosie for $15 off a $50 order)

These days, braids are my favorite hairstyle. They take me just a minute or two to do, and then I'm usually able to sleep in them overnight and get to rock some killer crimped hair the next day.

I did this style the other day while sitting at my desk at work. It's a Dutch braid that begins on the right side of my head and crosses diagonally in the back so it hangs down like a side left braid in the front.

It's easy. It's effortless. It's chic. To see the style post that went with this braid, click here


  1. I love this!!!!

    I, too, am all about braids right now.
    With this winter still creepin in, opposed to spring, I am not in the mood to "pretty up".

    I will have to give this style a whirl!

    My layers seem to get in the way but I'll try it out ;)
    Thanks for posting it!

    You look great! Love your long,thick hair!

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