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Friday, January 11, 2013

3-Month Hair Update

I'd like to preface this post with something that isn't related to it at all—today is my mom's Birthday, so I'd just like to say "HEY, MOM! HAPPY B-DAY TO YOU! Let's run another half (or full) marathon this year, OK? Love you!"

Now—I've gotten a lot of questions since the end of Bye Bye Beehive (3-months ago today) about what I'm doing with my hair these days. Am I blow drying? Teasing? Using products? Coloring? The questions keep coming... so here's a little rundown!

Since BBB finished, I have adjusted my hair routine—somewhat. I am still washing, conditioning and deep conditioning, and I rotate every couple of days between three hair-care systems (Yes To Cucumbers, Yes to Blueberries, and Joico).  I do not wash my hair daily. After the shower, I apply a deep conditioner. My favorite is this one. Usually, I just leave my hair to air-dry at that point, except for making sure my bangs are in place and giving them a light spritz of hairspray.

About once a week or less, I use the blow dryer. I have found (after a year of not using one), that I don't really like to blow dry my hair too often. Not only do I prefer my natural and almost straight hair, but I think that blow-drying was the biggest thing that was damaging it before. Sometimes, if I let my hair air-dry overnight, I'll wake up and curl the ends in the morning, but that's only for special occasions like parties or holidays. To be honest, I'm not really into processing my hair anymore. I still love the Friar Tuck method for curling my hair, and I do that often.

I do use a dry shampoo. I love Suave's Dry Shampoo, though my sister recently introduced me to a Paul Mitchell one and I think that will be my next purchase. I also tease my bangs, and occasionally tease the crown of my hair when I'm putting it up, though I'm trying to not do that as much these days. I use a hairspray almost daily, and again, I think my sister just convinced me to switch to a Chi hairspray versus the Lamaur one I have been using since I was in high school.

Last but not least, I haven't colored my hair since May of 2011. I don't plan on changing my color anytime soon, though I know Daniel would love for me to go darker, and my Nanny would cry tears of happiness if I put blonde streaks in. But for now, I'm just doing what's easy (and natural), and that's what makes me feel best!

I also wanted to include a little growth update, since I hit the post three-month mark today. For all the past monthly updates, click here. It's not a ton of growth, but I like what I see... now I just need to get a little trim to keep it healthy and I'll be good-to-go!

Did I miss any hair questions? Leave further Q's in the comments if you have any.

And again, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MOM! I love you! Love ♥ Icy

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