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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

the lack of...

Necklace: c/o BrideBlu // Headband: c/o Coco and Cocoa

As the days trickle down to the end of this 365-day project,
(21 days left, to be exact),
you may be wondering,
"What is she going to do once it's up?"

I considered just keeping going with the whole BBB thing,
starting a no-shopping project,
starting a no candy or pop for a year kick,
and many other ideas.

But you know what?
I think I just want to be me.
No crazy projects,
no dilemmas, deadlines, have-to's.
Just me.

I know you've seen a slow lessening of posts over the last few months,
as this whole thing came into full-focus.
To be honest, it's hard to keep up a crazy hair schedule all the time.
I prefer to actually just let it do it's thing.
Shower & air-dry.
That's it. 
No brush, hair ties, bobby pins in sight.

 The important thing, to me, 
is that I will do it.
The whole thing.
No teasing. No blow drying. No frying. No dyeing.
(except for the two weddings (1, 2) I was a bridesmaid in).

I am going to finish it.
365 days.
Still going strong.



    I went 6 MONTHS without shopping. STRENGTHENS you.

  2. That is so awesome! Such a huge accomplishment. =) Super proud of you. Praying for you with all the transitions coming in your life.
    Alesha <3


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