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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Month 11.

29 days left.

29 days until I can use a blow dryer.
29 days until I take my final measurements and figure out how much $$ I owe.
29 days until I can even think about what color I'd like my hair to be.
29 days until I go purchase some hairspray (yay!).
29 days until I can do whatever I want with my hair.
29 days until I can go, "Aaahhh, it's over."

29 days until I probably don't change anything at all...
except for an occasional blow-dry-sesh.


  1. GETTING SO LONG!! And wow! Less than a month left!!


  2. looking good!! I can't believe it's been 11 months already! it seems fast for me but I bet it's be long for you! congrats so far!! :D

  3. I was wondering how much you would change your habits after this. If I could get away with not blow drying my hair I wouldn't change a thing! :)

  4. This went by WAAAAY faster than I thought it would!! And no matter what, you can always say: I DID IT!!!! :D So proud of you!

  5. holy crap, you make the best french braid I've ever seen. :D
    ps. the hair looks amazing!

  6. Good job!! P.S. by the looks of your pictures I'd say you get a new cell phone cover every 3 months or so?? Complete accident or on purpose?
    Haha :)

  7. Looking great! You're so close to being done!


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