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Thursday, September 27, 2012


When I began Bye Bye Beehive 350 days ago, I was a blonde.
Do doubt about it.

Now, my ombre hair is out in full-force.
Daniel, my fiancè, and I just had our engagement photos done.
It was really evident in the photo above that my natural color is no longer blonde.
Ash blonde? Maybe.
Warm brunette? Probably.

I've been a blonde for about 24 of my 26 years of life.
This whole BBB thing has really made me re-evaluate everything when it comes to my hair.
I'm getting married in 66 days... and I'm considering not dyeing my hair for the wedding.
Just leaving it as-is.
EEK... too many decisions.
Still thinking about it, obviously.

What's your pick?


  1. You ROCK the ombre. I think it looks snazzy!!

  2. In my opinion you look beautiful in all the different looks. the "blonde" in your hair actually looks more like highlights at first glance, even if they don't go all the way up. I would, however have to say consider it wisely. Whatever you are happiest with would be the best decision. Brides want to be beautiful and remove all trace of insecurities on their big day- you've got enough on your plate as it its. You can always "renew the vows" and get married again, but that 1st wedding is a memory of a lifetime and you'll want the photo's to match.

  3. I like your natural color! Maybe with some blonde highlights to lighten it up around your face. But really, whatever you and Daniel like the best - he's the one staring at your for the rest of your life, after all! ;)

  4. Your hair looks good the way it is! Ombre is hot right now, and yours is awesome! Plus, do you really wanna jump back in full force after finishing byebyebeehive?! NOO!

    everytime you post any sort of progress pictures i realize how amazing this is. I am so proud of you!

    love ya girl!

  5. I love it how it is...it grew out so nicely and I think it will give you lots of options for your wedding. Can't wait to see what you decide. :) So excited for you!!

  6. Leave it! It looks natural and effortlessly beautiful!

  7. Honestly, I love it when brides look most natural and 'them' on their wedding day. I'd suggest going with your natural hair...because then when you look back at wedding pictures years later, you get to see you, rather than a certain color that you'd put in your hair for the occasion. But whatever you'll feel most beautiful with is right for you!

  8. You have a beautiful natural hair color. I agree with Stephanie. If you do want to change it up some you can add some blond highlights but of course whatever you love is best! :)


  9. I love the brunette....keep your natural color (maybe do a glaze shortly before so that it will be shiny and healthy looking). I was highlighting/lowlighting my hair through college and then i did it the week before my wedding. I regret that now. I've rarely had my hair done since then and found my husband likes it better my natural color. I look back at my pics and just see colored hair and wish I had been confident enough to be ME. Whatever you feel is you (which could feel like blonde is, I don't know!) is what you should go with. Be your beautiful self. Marissa

  10. My vote is to leave it. I think it looks great at the moment. And so healthy too


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