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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Month 9.

9 months.
3/4 of the way there.
This is the home stretch.

Thank goodness!

This month I see quite a bit of growth. 
As you may remember, at quarterly intervals, I'm supposed to go have my hair measured and trimmed.
The reason June's hair looks similar in length to May's is because of the trim I got 1 day after taking May's photo.
The same thing happened with March and February's lengths.
So this month? I just decided to skip it.
I'll do the final trim and measure in the end.
And I'm expecting it'll give some good results!

Also, since it's the 9-month mark... I get to make my third quarterly $50 donation to St. Luke's. My donation is going directly to cancer patient assistance, which helps patients in need who can't afford important basics such as temporary housing, meal vouchers, medications, gasoline and transportation vouchers to travel to and from the hospital, help with utility bills, and food. I still can't believe that through this project, my friends, co-workers, family and I are helping raise over $1,500 for this program!

Want to join me with this incredible project? Make a difference, donate to St. Luke's cancer patients now and join my Pledge for Patients. Help out people who are truly in need. 

If you're still following along with Bye Bye Beehive... thanks for staying true. 
Maybe these last 3 months will give me the gusto I need to try some new and fun hairstyles.
To be honest... when I made this commitment, I don't think I really anticipated a year would feel like this long.
Next time I'm giving up... sugar or something.
Um—just kidding.
That would be even harder than BBB.

91 days left. Easy.
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