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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Month 7.

Month 1. Month 2. Month 3.
Month 4. Month 5. Month 6.
Month 7.

7 things about my 7 months so far:
  1. I have seen substantial hair growth. Awesome.
  2. I used hairspray and product and have blow dried, teased and curled my hair ONCE. Yes. I did. It was this last Friday, May 11th (on my exact 7-month mark) and it was for my best friend's wedding in Oklahoma. A hairstylist came and did it because: (1) I was a bridesmaid and was not about to embarrass myself by friar-tucking it on Ashton's wedding day. (2) We all had our hair done and (3) I refused to do my own hair... If I was going to make an exception to my rules, someone else was going to do it for me! I said I would make one exception, for my sister's wedding in September, but this one was not taken into account when I made my rules in October because she hadn't been engaged yet! Oh... and yes I do plan on posting some photos from that day as soon as I see some from her photographer!
  3. When measuring hair growth, it's imperative to use a white t-shirt. Black does not work.
  4. It would have been helpful if I'd have measured my hair next to a ruler each time. Or if I'd have made notches on the wall with a pencil, like a child's growth chart. Lesson learned.
  5. A year is a really, really long time.
  6. Daniel basically begs me to give this whole thing up every day. I almost give in each time.
  7. Apparently, I switch cell phone covers every 3 months.


  1. Why does Daniel beg you to give it up??

    I didn't even notice your cover of your phone changing until you pointed it out!

    Your hair growth is really beautiful! :)

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Congrats! Keep up the good work!

  4. ok so daniel begs you to give it up, is this because you sometimes complain about it? lol.

    I did notice the cell phone thing and was totally gonna leave a comment about that!

    I bet your hair looked really good on the day of the wedding.

    I wish my hair was growing like this!

  5. looks great! tell Daniel he should be supporting you! haha can't believe it's been 7 months already! keepit up girl! :)

  6. looks awesome! I love that you are doing this, so cool! and I think the wedding is a legitimate excuse to cheat for a day :)

  7. Dont give up :)
    It still is amazing to me every update that you have kept it up this long! I am jealous.

  8. Wow, I just found your blog and I think your challenge is great! I'm rather anti-hair products, coloring, and heat styling for myself, but I'm set to start going to cosmetology school shortly and I'd already decided that even with all the cool new skills I will learn, for the most part I want to leave my hair alone and let it be healthy! I think your blog will help inspire me to stick to my goal.


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