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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Month 6.


6 months.
I made it half way.

I took my last hair measurements in January. Now at the 6-month mark, my hair, from the top of my scalp to the bottom layer going down my back, measures 19.5 inches. It also currently has 5.5 inches of grow out. That's an overall growth of  3 inches from October!


Since I got it trimmed at the 3-month mark, Lindsey took off a little bit of the overall growth, so that's why it hasn't changed too much. It has grown 3/4 of an inch since January. If I hadn't have gotten it trimmed, I bet it would have been about 1.5 inches of change!

Also, since it's the 6-month mark... I get to make my second quarterly $50 donation to St. Luke's. My donation is going directly to cancer patient assistance, which helps patients in need who can't afford important basics such as temporary housing, meal vouchers, medications, gasoline and transportation vouchers to travel to and from the hospital, help with utility bills, and food. I still can't believe that through this project, my friends, co-workers, family and I are helping raise over $1,500 for this program!

Want to join me with this incredible project? Make a difference, donate to St. Luke's cancer patients now and join my Pledge for Patients. Help out people who are truly in need.

YAY for halfway! Keep rooting for me... only 6 more months...

...only? Sheesh.


Thursday, April 5, 2012

Guest Hairstyle: Kasey's Halo Braid Tutorial

Hello Beehivers!!
I'm proud to report that it's day 174 (5 1/2 months) of doing BBB and I'm still going strong.
To think... I almost quit.
Take that bad hair days!

Recently, I've been emailing back and forth with an awesome girl named Kasey.
She has awesome, shorter red hair, and she just did a video tutorial on how to do the halo braid.
I've done 3 halo styles, a regular plait, a reverse/dutch/cornrow style, and a modified boho side braided version.
I love that she tried this, because her hair isn't quite long enough to tuck up inside the braids to hide the ends. 
She made a slight modification to the style to fit her hair length, and I love it! 

To celebrate the continuation of BBB,
I thought I'd bring Kasey on over so she could tell you about the style
and show you her tutorial.
Oh, any by the way, she rocks it in 3 minutes.
Now THAT'S a quick and easy hairstyle!

I absolutely loved the boho side braid Annelise did.  And I seriously had some long hair envy, but mine is getting there. (I tell of my previous hair saga here).  This video tutorial is inspired by Annelise's style but is more feasible for my shorter locks. 

Don't be intimidated by braids!  I was able to do this style in about 3 minutes, and trust me I'm not a pro by any means.  Click below to watch the video, if you're a subscriber click this link.

I'd love for you to visit me at http://www.lessonsfromivy.com, and if you love the hair bling from the video you can get it here.

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