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Monday, March 19, 2012


Is anyone else a HUGE fan of America's Next Top Model? My brother and I are basically obsessed with that show. We get together and watch it every week. Last year, for the ANTM Cycle 16 Finale, my brother even let me dress him up as Miss J. My brother is 18. I would post a picture of him modeling his Miss J. makeup and attire... but I'm fairly sure he would kill me...

... In fact, when I teased him that I was going to post this picture, he texted me right back and said, "I would be HONORED!" So clearly, I had to post it. See, that's what I mean. We are huge fans of ANTM. HUGE.

When I began BBB, a few people kept suggesting that I donate my hair after the year-long challenge is over as another way to give back to the community. At first, I thought it was a great idea... but I would be far too nervous to do it. I just don't know if I could put in all that work for a whole year (or more) just to give it away.

Then the idea hit me. What if I could get a Ty-Over? I know it's a long shot, but that would totally make chopping my hair off worth it. If you're not familiar with Ty-Overs, they're basically a make-over by Tyra. Some of the girls love them and embrace their new hair-do's, whereas others cry and throw hissy fits at losing a couple inches of hair. It's very comical, and Tyra and her team always make the BEST decisions when it comes to the make-over choices. It's like they just know what a person's best look will be. Now, there have been exceptions, like Molly's blonde weave on Cycle 16. But overall, Tyra knows what's up. She is fierce, people.

So I decided to reach out to Tyra via Twitter... the all-powerful resource. I tweeted a simple message. It read:
If Bye Bye Beehive is successful, I want a Ty-Over in the end! How cool would that be? I'd donate my hair for that!
I didn't think much of it at the time... but I'm serious now. Heck, who wouldn't do anything for a Ty-Over? It would be my dream-come-true. The perks are as follows:
  1. I would get to meet Tyra. Banks. Oh. My. Goodness. She's my idol.
  2. I would get a sweet Ty-Over.
  3. My hair would be donated to Locks of Love.
  4. Did I mention I would get to meet Tyra? Seriously. Dream. Come. True.
Tyra—I need this Ty-Over. It would be the coolest experience of my life. A chance to meet THE Tyra Banks, get a one-of-a-kind make-over, and the opportunity to make one person's dream a reality by donating my hair so it could be made into a wig.

In all seriousness, I know I'm a dork. It won't happen. But it sure is fun to pretend. And dream. And be a silly goof ball. 

PS>> YOU could possibly help! Tweet Tyra @tyrabanks and tell her how cool this would be!! Please!


  1. Annelise,

    I am so glad you plan on continuing your hair-adventure! You can do it Girl!! Hopefully Tyra will call you up and you can get that awesome Ty-over :-)

    However, one thing that I do suggest is look into different organizations that accept hair donations. I actually donated 12 inches of my hair in 2010, but after much research and consideration, I decided to NOT go with the Locks of Love soley based on the fact that they don't always use the hair that you send in to make a wig for a child in need and for the most part, the childs family actually HAS to pay for the wig at a reduced cost.

    Instead I sent my hair into Pantenes Beautiful Locks (http://www.pantene.com/en-US/beautiful-lengths-cause/Pages/default.aspx) Pantene works closely with American Cancer Society to provide women and children with FREE wigs.

    I'm not saying you should go with Pantene Beautiful Locks, but there are hundreds of other hair donation charities you could choose. Just do a little research on which one works best for you. :-)

  2. I love Top Model too! It's definitely a family addiction in my household. :) My mom, my sisters and I all watch it!

    I, myself, would LOVE a Ty-over! :) I've chopped off tons of hair before, I even she gave me a super short cut I know I could rock it (and I definitely wouldn't cry during makeovers). ;)

  3. I love ANTM (much to my husbands disgust) and I love knowing that others watch it.

    Also - did anyone else find Pot Ledom a weird thing to have them sing?
    And did you notice that in this weeks ANTM one of the brits references the booty tootch?

    I'm sitting at my desk and my hair feels gross, so I'm going through your hair styles to try and make one work for me, but girl, I cannot seem to do the braid that you manage in the boho look! Each time I try it looks terrible!

  4. don't even cut your hair.

  5. I won't be at all surprised if Tyra finds out about you and gives you a Ty-over. That would be so awesome


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