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Monday, March 12, 2012

Month 5.

Month 1.                                        Month 2.                                       Month 3.

Month 4.                                                                    Month 5.

Womp. I find I'm slightly frustrated with this month's progress.
It doesn't seem like my hair has grown at all.
Goodness gracious.
However, if you check out the pieces of hair that are sticking out of the braid,
you will notice that the layers are longer than they were before.
Can you see it?
Is it just me?

I also decided to start taking the monthly progress pictures in a white shirt.
The last couple months, it's been hard to differentiate the growth because of the hair 
contrast against the black shirt.
So, voila, I solved our problems by subbing in my trusty white T-shirt.


  1. Your braid looks a little looser too, so that could be a reason why it doesn't seem much longer to you!

  2. Agree with Ashley, I bet it's your braid and that your hair is totally longer! Stay strong ;)

  3. Totally genius! All the problems are solved, white shirts all around :)

    It does seem like your braid is getting thicker. Lots thicker, maybe your hair is playing catch up. I can't tell you how frustrated I get when I want my hair to grow. It seems like it stays in the same place forever! Are you doing any treatments or taking vitamins to make it grow? I started taking prenatal vitamins, but I want to see more results!

  4. Your hair is so awesome! You should be totally proud. It's looks so much fuller and healthier. Keep going girl!

    By the way, tomorrows post is dedicated to you so be sure to check that out. I might even start doing it once a month.... Who knows?

  5. Hair growth can be sooo frustrating some times! My sister actually told me that APL (Arm pit length) hair is the length that takes longest to grow... or something of the sort. It is the length where most people get frustrated, so you are not alone! I see growth, and your right its especially in your layers!

  6. you are too funny girl. you can definitely see a difference at the end of the braid. speaking of braid, i wish i could french braid my hair. yours looks beautiful!!
    xo TJ


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