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Friday, March 16, 2012

The Indecisive One.

 Well, this is embarrassing.
As you remember from Wednesday,
I considered doing away with my 365-day project.

In fact, I was so gung-ho about ending the project,
I went to my dad's house to retrieve my blow dryer, straightener and curling iron.
(I kept them at a different house so I wouldn't be tempted!)
I even went to Sally's Beauty Supply and stocked up on a couple products:
hairspray, dry shampoo, texture gel and a hair mask.

Then, I got home, reorganized my bathroom to include all my new little friends,
and hopped in the shower.
When I got out, I pulled out the blow dryer.
And that's when I began to sweat.
I've gone 5 months without using any product, heat or damaging my hair.
I was about to end that streak.

You guys. I couldn't do it.
I could NOT bring myself to use that incredibly wonderful blow dryer.
I told myself, "If I can go 5 months, I can go one more day."
Plus, why would I blow dry my hair just to go to bed?
Pointless. I want it to be worth it!
So I decided, I'm really NOT sure what I am going to do...
but I'm going to play it as I go.

This morning, I did use dry shampoo.
(I have been using baby powder for the last 5 months, but that causes icky buildup...
and smells like baby's bum).
Now, if you consider that I failed my project because of that...
that's a bummer.
I don't consider dry shampoo a damaging product, so you know what? 
I'm going to use it.
That texture gel?
I'll probably use that, too.

And who knows, those two little products may just be enough to get me through the next 7 months.
Maybe all I needed was a little pick-me-up.

To be quite honest— I have no idea.
I've always been known for my indecisiveness.
So I'm not necessarily going to say WHAT I'm going to do.
But either way, it's an adventure!
I hope you'll continue to ride on this roller coaster with me.



  1. OMG, I had no idea you didn't use shampoo etc. and used baby powder! I give ya credit! You go ahead girl, use that dry shampoo! haha

  2. Well she uses REGUALR shampoo... just not dry shampoo which is a different product. But I don't consider this failing at all, in fact I think using things like leave in conditioner or heat protectant and other things like that are GOOD for your hair, not damaging at all. Maybe you can set a smaller goal like only using one hot tool at a time like let your hair air dry if you wanna curl or straighten it or using the blow dryer and then styling it without another tool.

  3. i think you are doing so well!! like i've told you previously, i started a 6 month no heat challenge (i HAVE to use product)... I allow myself leeway to use heat styling once a month. and so far I've stuck to it! the results are tremendous! i think you should do whatever you wanna do... but maybe giving yourself a little leeway (ie, i can use heat styling just ONCE a month) might help curb the urge to do it!

  4. I figured after I saw your hair growth report that you'd want to stop blogging. I also figured when you wrote your post on Wednesday that you might keep blogging:P

    haha. Either way, we still love you!

  5. Great job for making it this long. Just go and get a trim and a blowout and see how you feel after that. You deserve it.

  6. Good job. I agree products that are helpful are ok. Heat is damaging though, it may defeat the purpose. But with summe coming, all ya need to do is step outside and fling your head around a little haha

  7. I don't think you failed! I think you should feel good about using some product and not using any heat, because not using heat is what is going to keep your hair healthy!! I think you have been very strong...and I don't think the two products you have chosen to use are damaging and if it's going to keep you going then why not! Use away!


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