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Friday, March 2, 2012

Give it a Try!!

Ok you guys.
It's been 143 Days since I began Bye Bye Beehive.
That means I have 7 months and 8 days left. Ugh.

My challenge to YOU this weekend is to try a weekend without heat!
NO blow dryer, NO straightener, NO curling iron.

Come on... give it a shot. See if you can do it.
I know a couple readers who have tried it... and seen great results.
I'd love to know how it goes! 

Good luck!



  1. I am up to it! When I was in high school I made a pact with a friend of mine "no heat for 6 months!" it did wonders to my hair - my prom picture... not so cute :)

  2. I'm going to do it! Oh also, I used that typeface for my wedding programs back in 2009. I think it's so funky!

  3. I decided to do it 2 1/2 years ago. It made a huge difference! No split ends, and I'm almost waist length now :). I do miss the heat still some days....

  4. I've actually unintentionally gone all week without heat this week! Washed and air dried day one, left natural day two, day three I tried your beach twist while damp and got loads of compliments and day 4 and 5 I managed to get two days worth out of the lovely texture from the beach twists!!! It was lots of fun! Just the weekend to go and I'm tempted to beach twist wet again today to get some more texture on Sunday! Thank for the inspiration :)

  5. HAHA!! I do this ALL the time!! my hair is curly tho.. so I can just put a little moisturizer in it and i'm good to go! ♥♥

  6. Wish I would've read this yesterday...
    SO since I didn't I'll make a different sort of "promise".
    I will NOT use heat on my hair tomorrow. Since it's Sunday I usually blow dry/straighten/style.
    Let's see how it goes!

  7. It's so hard, but I'm following in your footsteps, Aunie! I just about caved a few times this week, but I stayed strong. I'm allowing myself to use gel simply because I never used a lot to begin with. This blog is a hair SAVIOR to me. Thanks!



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