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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

BYE BYE Bye Bye Beehive?

Ready for some honesty?

Sorry, folks, but you're going to get it anyways.
Here's the deal.
Last October, I began Bye Bye Beehive as a journey to achieve the long, beautiful, healthy hair I've always desired.
Now, 5 months later, I'm ready to move on...
I think it may be time to say "bye bye" to Bye Bye Beehive.

When I began BBB, it was about ME.
My hair, my project, my thing I wanted to do.
Now I feel like it's more about YOU, and trying to just scramble to come up with anything to talk about.
My heart's just not in it.

And here's the thing...
though I have come up with some pretty amazing hairstyles,
I have lost confidence in myself.
I don't enjoy doing my hair the way I used to.
Trust me, when my hair was being processed all the time, I came up with some really cool styles.
I am just not motivated lately to try any more.
My hair just seems to have no life left in it.

I don't look at this as "failing."
It was definitely a learning experience.
I learned that I don't have to have crazy-big hair all the time.
I learned that I can still be beautiful without hairspray.
I learned that I've got some darn-awesome dedication...
5-months is a long time!
I've learned that LIFE IS TOO SHORT.
If your heart's not in it and you're not doing it for you,
then don't even bother.
Why would I waste one more moment of this incredible life
thinking about how I'm not having the best possible experience and doing what I really want to do?

On that note,
I know that life is not all about hair.
Heck, it's such a minor thing that really-- no one cares.
So honestly, I know that you won't HATE me because I couldn't go the whole year.
Even if I did go the whole year, who cares if I'm the "girl who went a year without doing her hair."
I mean, is that supposed to be cool?
To me, it's really not.
I want to enjoy my time, enjoy doing my hair, and enjoy the projects that I take on.
And this very moment... I'm not enjoying myself.

Now... I HAVE NOT decided which route I'm going to take.
But here me on this... it's definitely being considered.

And I'll tell you this... if I do decide to end this project now,
I will most likely be posting sweet hairstyles a lot more often,
only blow-drying my hair once in a while,
and I'll probably continue rockin' the ombre I've currently got going on.
I rather enjoy the whole hippy look I've come to adopt, and I don't plan on changing that anytime soon.

P.S. If you're interesting in following my daily journey through life, head
straight over to AUNIE SAUCE, my little blog about life, style and all things ME!



  1. I love that you're staying true to yourself. Whenever I take on a challenge publicly on my blog, I find it a lot harder to "quit" the challenge so to speak, because I'll not only let myself down, but my readers too. You have the right attitude about it. Be true to yourself. We'll love you no matter what. As long as you don't quit blogging at Aunie Sauce! :)

    Love to you!

  2. My doll face, I still don't know how you ever kept up four blogs to begin with! I have ONE, and I feel the time crunch. Whew! Do what makes you happy, because you always want to write authentically. You know I adore you, and I love your blogs, but I want you to do what makes blogging a happy experience for you. If that means ending BBB, so be it! At the end of the day, I know Aunie Sauce isn't going anywhere. :-)

  3. Good for you for being honest and doing it for you! I think we put unnecessary expectations on ourselves... Life already has enough expectations. Don't stress yourself out over hair. You're still an inspiration to me and I applaud you for going as long as you did! Its not failure.. you did something innovative that inspired others. Where's the failure in that? Go aunie! You know I love ya girl :)

  4. :( although I do understand where you are coming from. Atleast please do keep the posts up. I love coming back to different posts that you have.

  5. I have always been amazed at how brave you were to take on this project. I think that you have achieved your goal even if you haven't taken a year to do it. Well done and you are an inspiration.
    Could you please tell me what other blogs you have? I don't want to lose you forever and this is the only one I know about!
    Now go hug your hairdryer hello :)

  6. Good for you! I am a firm believer in doing what works for You, and what makes You feel good. I'm excited to see what you do!! :)

  7. Thanks for being honest. I have really enjoyed you blogging about thus, but I did always wonder how you managed to keep coming up with new hairstyles and would for another 7 months without getting burned out. I'm glad you've enjoyed it this far at least.
    One question though...will you keep blogging or do you have another blog I can follow?
    Alesha <3

  8. I love you for being honest and sharing your thoughts. If it is time for you to move on, then by all means. It just shows how strong you are for realizing it.

    Kindness is the best accessory,

  9. i find it interesting and quite honestly kind of hypocritical that on one blog post you state that you feel beautiful going out without make up and without spending time on your hair, then on another blog you state that you're quitting a project that you committed to doing because you don't feel pretty anymore.... just a thought

  10. Hey ANONYMOUS--

    I guess it depends on the day. Somedays, I like just leaving the house with a wet head... but overall, I'm ready to DO WHAT I WANT. I feel beautiful when I'm true to myself.

  11. When I came accross your blog, I instantly felt in love with YOUR HAIR. I dont think I even read your ' about me ' and your project. I just loved the colour and all the nice hairstyles you posted. So..most of all, your hair has a beautiful colour on the natural way and now with the sun kissed style you achieved, it makes it look WAY better than it was! Trust me, you are BEAUTIFUL girl! Ive been following Aunie Sauce and...well, perhaps THIS blog was just a chapter of your life. Do not feel blamed or ashamed on 'giving up'. I reckon you'r just giving your ´needs´ a new try! Yayyy for you ! xxx Gabi - Brazil

  12. i'm sorry... i stayed anonymous to preserve our friendship. i just know you and i don't want you to regret not finishing this challenge. you are a strong, amazing woman that stands up when challenges comes her way. i would hate for this to be an exception.

  13. I think this is great. Not that your closing (obviously), but that you are doing what YOU want. That's what it's about right? you can't help it. You did pretty good for 5 months...I know I could never do it. :P

  14. I'm not going to say I'm not disappointed, but I understand where you're coming from. (Note: not disappointed in you not finishing but disappointed that you won't be posting as many heat free styles anymore) I do think you've learned a lot in the past 5 months and I really think that as with all things in life, moderation is key. I just hope you can integrate the products and tools you love with some of the things you've learned so you can be happy in the middle and you can continue with healthy hair that will also have the volume and life you miss.

  15. I love your honesty and I love who you are and how much we all have learned from you. You should definitely follow your heart but I do want to let you know that I feel you can complete this! Look how far you've made it with combating your trich. I know you are probably running out of "new" hairstyles but you can always keep wearing the ones you already know to work or wherever you go, there are so many! Us readers will be fine we don't need new ones everyday! Just any post about hair in general is fun :-) Your hair looks GORGEOUS right now and it is probably the strongest, most healthiest hair of all of us. You have so many fans and people that are AMAZED that you've made it this far. If you happen to complete this, I'm sure it will be really big. Like Guinness book or television news story perhaps? (Not that I'm saying you are seeking publicity but that would be fun to see this make big news) Either way, you are an amazing person and we love you for whatever you decide!

  16. Anonymous,

    I totally understand. I'm honestly a bit terrified to "quit". I'm not a quitter. I don't think I've ever quit anything (except dive team freshman year of college... I'd had enough belly flops).

    I went and bought a few hair products today (hairspray, dry shampoo, texture gel) but I haven't used them. I also went to my dad's and picked up my blow dryer (I kept it at a different house so I wouldn't be tempted), and instead of blow drying my hair after my shower, I just let it air dry.

    I feel ready to move on... but I'm nervous. I feel like I've set up all these expectations for myself, and I'm not having fun fulfilling them. As you said, we are friends (whoever you are...) and I really, truly appreciate you reminding me of some of the true reasons I began this project. I may just be in a rut and need to think about it for a day or two... but I can't say I've decided on anything just yet.

    How's that for a comment?!

  17. If you need to free yourself, then free yourself!

    Ultimately, only you and the good Lord know what is best for you. When you feel your calling, follow it and tune out the white noise :)

    Wishing you the best! <3

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