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Monday, February 6, 2012

Reverse Halo Braid


Well good Monday morning!

One of my favorite hairstyles I have done thus far was inspired by my sister, Marnie. She invented this style she dubbed the "halo braid" and I quickly swooped it up. The style originally appeared on this halo braid post.

She did it with a regular plait. I did it this time instead with a reverse or cornrow plait. It was a bit different, but I think I liked it better! It really showed off my slowly fading blonde, and was nice and messy, which makes it fun!

Do you want the steps to this little style? I tried to do them last time... and failed. So I'll give it a better shot today:

  1. French braid your hair in two simple braids (or reverse or cornrow braids).
  2. Then, tuck your ends under, up and inside the opposite side's braid. 
    • This isn't too hard. Just stick your finger up and under one of the braids and make a hole. Then pull the opposite braid up into the hole and bring it as far up and under the plait as you can.
  3. Pin it to secure it in place. 
  4. If this doesn't make sense... let me know and I will consider (mayyyybe) doing a video tutorial.

Think you'll give this one a try?



  1. New reader here, I love that you're taking on a 'no-heat' styling road for the year! I'm trying to grow out my hair and bring it back to a healthier state as well, this helps a lot :-)

    I love this style, but I don't know how to french braid - sad, I know!

  2. Wow that looks really cool!


  3. How come every time you do a new post it becomes my favourite. I'm going to have 365 favourites by the time you finish


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