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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

The Real Zoë Twist by Zoë

You know those girls who were just born with
great hair?
My friend Zoë is one of them.
She has thick, wavy, amazing red hair.
Today, she is awesome enough to come and show us how the 
is really done.

Oh... she also blogs over at From A to Zoë,
so please go show her some BBB lovin'.


Hey everyone! I was extremely flattered when Miss BBB herself first posted my signature hairstyle and am very excited that she asked me to guest post about my version of the Zoë Twist. I am no hair expert and usually wear mine in one of a few styles - straight, ponytail, naturally curly, or twisted up. The Zoë Twist is something that I pulled together by accident a few years ago, but it's been my go to second day curly hair style ever since. Sometimes it looks very chic and coiffed, other times it looks pretty messy (as you'll see below!), but it always stays put for hours and is a nice alternative to a regular messy bun or ponytail. I hope you enjoy and give it a shot!

Split your hair down the middle
Twist your two handfuls toward your head three times
Twist the twists together
This is the tricky part - holding onto the twists with your
left hand, pull your hair tie around to form your bun
Tuck any loose hairs into your hair tie (if you're using a mirror,
you can tuck the hair so it covers the hair tie)

It goes a little something like this...(thanks for the GIF, Annelise!)



  1. I'm in love with this, like actually, truly in love with this - thank you!

  2. I have thick, curly, red hair so I am definitely bookmarking this to try! :)

  3. Wow.You have gorgeous hair Zoe!

  4. Niiiice GIF at the end. now I get how to do it!


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