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Friday, February 10, 2012

My Messy Bun As Of Late


I'm fairly certain I have emphasized that 
before, haven't I?

It used to be my saving grace when it came to making anything stay put,
making hair huge and poofy,
and making sure my hair did what I wanted.

And... now that I don't have it... I've been improvising.
I create a messy bun,
and then pull and tug to make it really big and messy.
Once it's nice and big, I take pieces and bobby pin them where I want them.
I don't point the bobby pins toward my pony tail holder (because to many makes it hurt!)...
I simply take a loop of bun (that's usually droopy and gross), 
and slide the bobby pin right over the chuck of hair I want to stay put, securing it to my head.
I make sure and do it under the visible part of loop, so you can't see the bobby pins while looking at my hair.
I usually end up with 5 or 6 bobby pins throughout my bun holding hair in place
to make it look bigger.

If that's confusing, I can do a vlog...
but it may take some persuasion :)



  1. I love your blog as I too have thin, fine hair... unfortunately mine doesn't even do much when I use hairspray, heat, and teasing combs! A vlog of that chic looking messy bun would be much appreciated!

  2. yes!!!!!!!!!! vlog pleaseeeeee!!!!!

  3. yes yes yes yes pleeease do a vlog!
    I really want to know what ur voice sounds like!! lol

  4. So big. very impressive for no hair spray.

  5. Love your hair color!


  6. Love it! And I love bobby pins, too! This is exactly the kind of thing that has inspired me to grow out my hair. No buns for me yet, though...

  7. I do this on occasion and I love how it looks. Your was lower on your head than mine typically are, which I like. Did you do this starting with dry hair? My hair is usually wet when I do it, which limits how often I can do it.
    Alesha <3


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