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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Boho Side Braid

Last Friday I was struggling for inspiration for my hair.
So I just started braiding.
And BOOM-SHAKA-LAKA, the Boho Side Braid was born.

I zig-zag parted my hair down the middle and braided 
each plait in a cornrow French braid.
For my opposite side, I just made sure to bend the braid a little at the bottom
to make it angle toward my left side. 
When I finished, I wrapped a clear elastic around my hair to make a side ponytail.
I tugged on the outside pieces of my braid to make it poof out a little.

Side note-- my hair is getting SO DARK. It's amazing. 
In fact, it's kind of scary!!



  1. Great style! I'll try this pretty soon :)
    I'm feeling with you concerning the color! After years of bleaching, I'm getting my hair back to "normal" and I have pretty much the same color as you. Feels scary indeed!

  2. Please hop on a plane right now and come do my hair like this. THANK YOU <3


  3. The "reverse french braid" you've been doing is called a dutch braid actually.


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