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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Braided Updo

Do you remember the adorable girl I talked about, named Emily, who sent me the email asking me to do the Holiday Updo?

Welp, she's amazing because she sent me another Hey Kayli video and asked me to give it a go. Kayli had titled the video New Year's Eve Updo... but I think it's just more of a braided updo. I gave it a shot, and almost followed her directions to a T (but had to make adjustments because she does a lot of teasing and hairspraying). Would you like to know my version? I knew you would.
  1. Begin with brushed hair. 
    • I think mine would have worked better if it had a it of a curl at the ends.
  2. Separate out two sections toward the front of your hair to be braided. Pin them aside so you can do your braids.
  3. Kayli did her braids first, and then did the bun. I think it's easier to do it the other way around. Gather the hair at the back of your head, twist it into a ballerina bun, and secure it with Spin Pins.
    • Spin Pins are awesome for days when you're on the go and don't have time for a fancy updo, or if you're looking for a really classy, sleek look.
  4. Begin braiding the side sections that you had pinned. 
    • Instead of making a regular plait like Kayli did, I instead did a French braid with my hair. I think it makes it a bit fancier.
  5. Take 1 section of your braided hair and wrap it across your bun. Secure with a bobby pin.
    • One side may have a longer braid if you part your hair on the side. 
    • I chose the shorter side (right side) so the ends could be covered by my longer side braid.
  6. Take the second, longer braid and wrap it over your bun, across the first braid. Secure it with a bobby pin on the other side of your bun.
  7. Wrap the loose end of the braid under your ballerina bun to cover it.
    • If you have longer hair, it would be cool to also wrap the ends of the braids around the bun to give it a cool, multi-dimensional look.
  8. Tug on a couple pieces (lightly) to give the bun and braids a bit of volume.
  9. That's it!
I hope those directions make the slightest bit of sense. If they don't... just head to YouTube and check the video that Kayli made. 

So>> want to know something random? The girl who got her hair done in the video (CarlieStylez) used to live in Idaho. We were all friend with the same people. I saw the video and was like... wait, I know that face!

What a small world it is, huh?

I hope you like it! Try it and send me pictures! xo

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  1. This is lovely!I am going to have to try it out soon! ;b

  2. Really really pretty! You have hair that can do anything..I am jealous! :)


  3. Looks fantastic. Must find an Aus distributer for spin pins.

  4. This looks great! I love all things braids!


  5. I love Kayli! I am a huge shaytards fan so since shes one of them that makes sense haha! Your hair looks gorgeous as usual! You did a great job!

  6. I just gave you an award! Check out my blog to see what it is :)

  7. cute cute cute!



    You're my hero. I LOVE her and the shaytards, seriously. Her brother, Shay, is a HUGE youtube celebrity.

    Seriously, look up Shaytards.

    Um. So basically you just became my favorite person.

    And I'm extremely jealous of you.

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