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Monday, January 23, 2012

Beach Twist in Winter? You Betcha!


I think I need to let you in on a little secret. The beach twist is NOT just for summer weather. In fact, it makes a really sleek, elegant updo that you can wear to work anytime of the year.

Last time I did this hairstyle, I tried the beach twist on dry hair. This time I only had a few minutes before I had to leave for work, so I pulled it back when it was wet. I also changed the steps for the last tutorial I made for this one a bit. They are as follows:
  1. Run a comb through your wet hair to get rid of any tangles.
  2. Create a deep side part. 
  3. On the side with the part (less hair), begin twisting a piece of hair right by your scalp.
  4. Add in sections of hair as you twist, twisting it low by the hairline along the back of your head and toward the opposite ear.
  5. When you have it to where you're going to want your bun (just below the opposite ear for me), add a clip to keep it secure for just a moment.
  6. Begin the same process on other side.
  7. Twist along your scalp until you've reached the place where you want your bun and your hair from the other side is clipped.
  8. Remove the clip.
  9. Twist both sections together in another twist. Secure this bun with Spin Pins.
  10. Bobby pin any loose pieces that might be too short to wrap around the bun.
  11. You can totally add a flower if you want... but it's gross and dreary here in Idaho... and I just thought the sleek look was more appropriate.
I remember in last time I did the beach twist, I commented on how dark it looked. That was a little over a month ago. I am amazed at how much darker it is NOW. Holy moses.




  1. Super cute 'do! xox

  2. So simple but looks so elegant. Love it.

  3. gaaaaaah you make hair look SO effortless and chic; it's amazing! ;) My hair literally does nothing... it's very sad. :/


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