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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

2012 Hair Trends

While browsing my Google Reader the other day, I read this post about up-and-coming 2012 hair trends. It suddenly occurred to me that I don't necessarily agree with that article.

In fact, almost all hairstyles are trendy these days. I mean, come on people... it's 2012. There isn't hardly anything that anyone could wear or do to their hair that isn't "in" these days.

Except one thing. You totally know what I'm talking about.

In my opinion, the ONLY trend that is not in? 

So stop it already. Mullets are NOT cool! In fact, I saw one walking around TJ Maxx the other day... it was hideous!

Other than that? Have a ball this year with braids, buns, waves, straight locks, perms... anything. Because I promise, unless it's a mullet... it will be cool.



  1. Hahahaha! Everyone needs a good laugh at a mullet every now and then. I have the right to laugh, as I had a mullet at the age of 8 due to an unfortunate hair cutting incident. I agree, all styles are in! Just be comfortable with your style and have fun!

  2. My mom got a mullet back in the late 80's when we were living on the Canadian border. It was the "cool" thing in Quebec... let's just say that French-Canadians maybe weren't as reliable as the French at the time on style. She still talks about what a bad decision that was X-D

  3. I agree with Kara. The only good thing about a mullet is it's ability to make you laugh

  4. Really soft and pretty. Just say no to the mullet. :O)

  5. Hahah this is hilarious! I wonder if people really think mullets are cute...questionable.


  6. Ahhh mullets scare me!



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