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Monday, January 30, 2012

10 Ways to Wear a Braid

A little over a month ago, I guest posted on Ma Nouvelle Mode about 10 ways to wear a braid. I thought that post was pretty cool... and awesome enough that I needed to share it on my own blog.

So here we go...

10 ways to wear a braid. Are you ready for it? Count 'em. It's 10.

  1. Three by three
  2. Halo braid
  3. Braided side topsy tail
  4. Headband braid
  5. Braided chignon
  6. Double plait to a messy bun
  7. French braid a la bun
  8. Fishtail
  9. Boho braid
  10. Twist Braid
Some are easy, and some are a bit complicated. Luckily for you, if you click each link above, it will take you to my page so you can learn how to do those braided hairstyles.

Which braid are you just dying to try?? Some are cool... some are just not my style... but rock it, sister, if it's your thing!



  1. Pretty styles! Love hair braids. I need to wear them more often! Love this post!

    xo. Britt

  2. Urm I swear there's 11, but one of them just isn't labeled...

  3. you.are.a.genius. I'm going to try all of these(:

  4. Love that these are all in one place now! You are so super creative! BTW promised my sister I would use no heat in my hair for a week so braids it is this week! haha

  5. I've managed to cut it down to the ones I really really want to try. 3,5,7,8, and 10. Admittedly didn't do a fantastic job of cutting down. And i have to agree with Jamie, I count 11 as well

  6. Love it! Got lots of love over at my place, so I am sure they will love it here!

  7. You should try a hair bow! It would look really cute with your grown out highlites and its super easy to do without any product.

  8. love all of these! i wish i could braids as cool as these! so perfect!
    xo TJ


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