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Thursday, December 15, 2011

Three By Three.

Good morning!

Are you ever in the mood to braid your hair back but don't want just a simple braided plait? How about you try a Three by Three! I called it that because it's 3 pieces of hair in a braid, times three (duhhh). You simply braid back 3 little braids and then braid those braids together! You can make them as large and funky, or as small and neat as you like them. Have fun!

Sheesh... how many times can I say braid today? 8. To be exact.

P.S. My curls are thanks to my trusty Wrap Snap & Go curlers.


  1. that's super cute! and it's looks complicated, even though it isn't! I might have to try it! hehe

  2. I just found your blog through blog hop! Love your hair style!
    I am doing a giveaway in case you might want to join=)

  3. love this!!! but i was never good at braiding!

  4. Girl, I wish I had the magic you have in your fingers! I have never been able to do anything cutsie on my hair. I just figured out how to make it curly and have it stay for hours, I'm so excited about this that I do it all the time now! LOL, love your blog!

  5. This looks fantastic, and the curls you have happening are gorgeous.

  6. Really Nice! It makes definitely a beautiful difference.

  7. awe some look !
    Your blog is very pretty .

    Visit mine and follow each other.

  8. Very cute! What a great twist on the normal braid!


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