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Wednesday, December 14, 2011


OK. I need to tell you. I have literally been having nightmares about my hair lately. I think this whole 365-day project is really getting to me.

I wake up in the middle of the night, drenched in sweat (literally), and I had just had a dream where I accidentally blow dried my hair or used some quick spritzes of hair spray.

I know that sounds so silly... but while I'm dreaming it... it's just horrible! In addition to messing up my BBB challenge, in the dream I always end up getting caught and I make them promise me they won't rat me out. Jeez... talk about no integrity!

Anyway... I want these crazy nightmares to go away. I know I can make it through the 365 days of this project... or am I dreaming again?

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  1. Keep going strong! You got this :D

  2. You can do it. Just picture the long, thick hair you'll get to play with on day 366

  3. haha! one time i gave up any type of sugar for a year... and i would always have dreams that i ate chocolate got caught... thats so funny!

  4. Hang in there girlie!!

  5. You can do it!!


  6. You got this girl!! I am sorry about the nightmares, but i believe in you and your project! =)


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