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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Goody Pony Pouf.

Mornin', Ladies!

Have you heard of the Goody Pony Pouf? It promises to give your hair oomph and fluff without the hassles of teasing. I was convinced that I had to give it a shot, so I picked it up at my local Walgreens the other day.

You're supposed to secure your hair in the barette and then pull little sections into the holes to make them pouf out, giving them that teased-to-perfection look.

The only problem... it's not all it's cracked up to be. It didn't hold my hair in place and seemed to keep slipping down my ponytail. That's probably because my hair is so fine. My hair didn't stay in those little holes... so that looked weird. And even when my hair was in the pouf-holes, you could still see them so it just looked like I was wearing a funky barette all day. Not a fan.

If you insist on giving this a shot... be my guest. But it wasn't my favorite.


WELL... THIS IS EMBARRASSING. I was informed by a lovely reader that I put it in upside down! No wonder!! 


  1. I have seen that little thing, I am glad you tried it first ;) haha kidding! I am sorry it didn't work! It really doesn't seem to give your hair any umph!

  2. Didn't reliase with the pics that it wasn't a hair clip, we don't use the word barette in Australia, but now I know what one is, yay. I always wondered when I used to read Baby Sitters Club books, what they were.

  3. Bought this two weeks ago with the same disappointing results. But I liked the twist pin things!

  4. You put it in upside down. That is why it didn't work.

  5. I have used it several times & it works. I use it when I'm running late & need to throw my hair up quick (usuLly for work).


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