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Thursday, December 29, 2011

The Braided Bun.

As I promised yesterday, I said I would try a new style, inspired by this style from The Beauty Department. The braided bun.

Let me begin by saying, I followed their tutorial to a T, minus the added hairspray spritz in the end. It is so easy. I did make one modification by changing my top 2 braids to corn row French braids instead of regular plaits.

My only complaint about this hairstyle, in my eyes, is that if you have thin or fine hair... this one will be tricky. It's not hard to do, by any means, but making the bun look nice and full is definitely a trick. I pulled my braid plaits apart like they suggested, and even tried to strategically pin my hair... but I couldn't do anything to make it look more full. Clearly, the girl from TBD has amazingly thick hair. Her bun is outstanding. Mine is just so-so. I also apologize for my visible clear elastic bands. Those buggers were tough to hide with my fine, shorter hair!

Nevertheless, it is a gorgeous style that I can't wait to wear more often. I am seriously considering it for a New Year's Eve style. Any plans yet on what you'll be doing with your hair?



  1. Thats so cool! I want to try! Except i have super thin hair, so it will probably be a challenge. But im gonna try anyway!!(: Happy almost new year!!

  2. I have hair like yours, which makes me nervous to try this style. But your hair turned out so great! It looks beautiful, and full and everything. Love it!

  3. You did an amazing job! Looks gorgeous!

  4. This looks awesome. I don't think I can do this to my hair ;(


  5. this looks amazing! i don't think i could ever braid that well.

  6. This looks fantastic. It would work great for a new year's 'do

  7. looks great! I was wondering what the little plastic things were, what if you put a big flower or a bow or something glittery to find them?
    I think it looks full enough though, :)

  8. This is so cool! I'll definitely give this is try. Thanks for posting!


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