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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Beach Twist

OOh ooh OOH! I found a super-easy new hairstyle... good for wet or dry hair! I found it at Hair Romance. She does it on wet hair... but I didn't feel like washing my hair this morning, so I tried it on dry hair and it worked just fine!

Here's the process:
  1. Create a deep side part.
  2. Separate the hair on the small side of the part to one side.
  3. Twist that section of hair back along your hairline, pulling in pieces as you twist to give it a waterfall twist look.
  4. Secure that piece with a clear elastic band behind your ear to make a side ponytail.
  5. Take the hair on the big side of the part and begin twisting that hair back along your hairline, adding pieces as you go.
  6. Secure that section next to the first one, also on the side of your head.
  7. Twist the two sections together to make a bun.
  8. Secure with bobby pins.
  9. Add a fun flower!
So, I know the girl on Hair Romance did it better because all she used was a simple clip-in flower... but my dry hair wouldn't stay put with just a flower. I needed the bobby pins to keep the bun in place, and the elastics were necessary to keep the hair held tightly to my head.

I'm sure you could definitely get away with just a flower clip at the beach... but for the day-to-day with dry hair... no way, Josè!

Sidenote: my hair is really getting brunette these days! Holy bajeezie it looks dark!


  1. Ooooh! This one might be my favorite so far! Very pretty :)

  2. Gorgeous!! Thanks so much for trying it Annelise. If my hair's dry I definitely need pins too. Love how your twisted both sides.

    Christina @ Hair Romance xx

  3. I think I have to agree with The Artist And The Addict. Favourite so far.

  4. HUGE HUGE fan of the twist! Thanks for sharing! Glad I found your blog!


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