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Monday, November 7, 2011

Zoë Twist.

I have a beautiful coworker. Her name is Zoë. She has a beautiful blog. She has a beautiful sense of style. She also has beautiful, wavy red hair. Figures, right?

When I first met Zoë, a little over a month ago, she wore her hair in this incredibly amazing style. I decided to call it the Zoë Twist. She is a huge fan of hair twists (since she has long bangs she likes to pull back), and this 'do is none other than the twisted look I've been looking for. See, it's not just a bang twist. It's a twisted updo that I just can't get enough of.

This look is so simple. Zoë does it on days where she needs to get her wet hair off her shoulders, or when her wavy hair needs to be controlled in a sleek look.

I love the elegance that this look gives you. I paired it with a white lacy sweater for an ethereal, feminine look and I just felt so natural and lady-like all day.

Here are the steps for the Zoë Twist:
  1. Create a deep part in the front of your hair.
  2. Twist a small piece of hair (or your bangs) to one side of your part along your scalp, pulling tightly and adding hair as you go. Bobby pin that small twist halfway back on your head.
  3. Divide your remaining hair into 2 sections with a middle part down the back of your head. 
  4. Grab each section of hair and twist it inwards three times. This creates the hair "crown" look.
  5. Then, gather the twists together and put them into a regular low ponytail with a bun (I went with a simple bun, but Zoë usually does a fun messy bun). You can stop there; that's what Zoë does. If you want to add a little extra flair, move to Step 6.
  6. Pull that bun up and through the extra space between the twists and your head, as to tuck it under the twists to keep it in place. It's just like a Topsy Tail!
Easy enough, right? This has quickly become Zoë's go-to look, and I think I might follow suit! I did it today because my hair was wet from my early-morning shower. Zoë also recommends doing it on days when your hair is curly, crimped or wavy so you can give the crown some good volume by tugging on a couple pieces or teasing it beforehand.

By the way, I usually like to use synonyms for words that I commonly use. For instance, in this post I repeated the word "twist" 16 times. But I just couldn't find a suitable word to replace "twist". I mean, the thesaurus suggested coil, helix, swivel, twine, zigzag, etc. but those just didn't seem to fit the bill. I apologize for not making my vocabulary a little more "convoluted" today... but it just wasn't appropriate to use swirl, warp, or wiggle instead of twist. So twist it is.


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