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Friday, November 18, 2011

When in Doubt.

... Messy bun it out!

I am SUCH a huge fan of the messy bun. Why? Because you can do it any way that you want to. Mine usually finds itself perched at the nape of my neck or right on top of my head. I usually twist it in and out of the ponytail holder a couple of times and it ends up where it ends up. Simple!

That is why I love it. My sister always asks me how I do my messy buns. The thing is... they're just so easy because I don't even know what I do. I pull, twist, twist, wrap. Done. I might have to post a step-by-step eventually... but I'm sure you probably have your messy bun down like whoa.

How do you do yours? Any tips for me with mine? Any new ways I could learn?


  1. I heart the messy bun! Yours is messy-perfect :) Makes me wish I still had long hair... I am barely able to put it in a low pony! And even then it looks like a gerbil tail or something lol.

  2. Love your messy bun. How do I do mine? I don't know, probably like yours, it just kinda happens.

  3. I do my messy bun by doing a high pony and I make all my hair go around the pony tail and I take another hair tie and leave the fringe out at the bottom and pull a little so it looks bigger. Kinda looks like a sock bun, but without the sock and more messy not glossed back. :)
    Hope my explanation helped lol! Didn't know how to explain any other way. :p


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