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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

What Am I?

 Yes. What am I?

I know it sounds like a deep question... but blonde yourself up a bit and help me out.

My whole life, I have thought of myself as a blonde. I mean, yes, I have highlighted my hair since I was in the 6th grade... and my hair always seemed to have an ash-blonde dullness at the roots. But now that it's finally growing out, a certain someone keeps insisting that I'm a brunette.

So... what am I? A blonde? Brunette? Totally awesome? You decide!


  1. You're still a blond for sure... it's like a bronzey shade of blond. The contrast to the light blond makes it look darker than it really is, but trust me, i'm a brunette and you're definitely not brunette! I really like the natural color growing out :)

  2. A totally awaesome Blondette

  3. Just saw your blog over on Jessi's blog! You're so cute! :) It's a pretty color!


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