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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Tease Me.

Lately, I've been having days where I love my pretty much maintenance-free hair. It's just so easy to not have to worry about it.

But then... I see this:

Ugh. And it makes me miss my ex-BFF's Ms. Hairspray, Mr. Teasing Comb, and Miss Blow Dryer. Oh, friends. How I truly miss you.

How about we make it just a little bit worse and "tease" me some more, shall we?

Teased, braided perfection.
Wavy perfection.
Elegant and effortless.
Um. Gorg.

Meh. Only 316 more days. They just can't go by fast enough.


  1. Is that Carrie Underwood on top? Just a thought, maybe using those soft curlers you have and add a few up top and a few on bottom but to just use the large ones to maybe add some oomph to get a similar look? I changed my settings btw, I hoped it worked!

  2. Gosh she is so gorgeous. I had my hair colored blonde at one point...overall blonde mostly...and I couldn't stand my eyebrows being brunette. But this super works on her!

  3. It's okay. You can get through it, I know you can. Although it must be tempting sometimes.

  4. Don't feel bad, growing your hair out from all that teasing and blow-drying will give it strength and it'll develop it's own body. You'll only need a few curlers (like the soft ones you've been using) to give it that extra oopmh. Your styles have been really cute already. Good luck !!


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