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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Sock Bun: The Style.

If you saw my post about the sock bun, you may remember that I made fun of the way I looked with it in. Because in fact, it was pretty funny looking. 

This past weekend, my sister was in town. You know my sister, right? I posted about her last week. She's my inspiration for this whole thing. So, when she suggested I try a bun on the top of my head with the front pieces pulled out into a faux bump, I just couldn't resist her suggestion. Except, there was one problem; she wanted me to twirl my hair up into a ballerina bun, and my hair isn't quite long enough for that. So-- what did I think of? Sock bun, of course!

I put my hair into a high ponytail, wrapped a white sock donut around it, and rolled my hair over the sock like normal. I added about 3 bobby pins to keep my shorter hairs in place.

OOps! I see a little bit of white sock donut!!

You guys, THIS STYLE STAYED ALL DAY. I used no hairspray (duh), and even was walking to and from the movies and battling gusts of wind. It didn't even budge. I love love love this look for a quick hairstyle or if you need to get your 2nd-day hair out of your face.

Also, look at the sweet colors that this style shows off! If you have lighter hair on top and darker hair on bottom, or even just highlights, this style really brings out each and every color. It's just awesome! I mean, take a look at the bun shot below:


Color city! I just love this style. It is so feminine and ultra-popular right now. Thanks, sister!!!

Yes, I'm a nerd.


  1. Love this look. Have actually been wondering how long it would be before you wore the sock bun out.
    OOOhhhh, new comment system too.

  2. looks so pretty and the best thing.. simple!

  3. I did this today, but I used a wide cloth stretchy headband that I just doubled like a pony tail holder...was quick and easy...but you wear it best!


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