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Friday, November 4, 2011

The Sister Bee.

Well. Where do I begin? Today I'm going to tell you a little bit about my inspiration for this whole Bye Bye Beehive thing.

It all starts with my sister, Marnie. My bee-utiful sister Marnie, who has the most amazing hair. When I say amazing... boy, oh boy do I mean it. It's gorgeous, stick-straight, brunette, lusciously thick hair.

Needless to say, Annelise = jealous. In fact, I think I've been jealous of her hair for my whole life. Thus-- I embarked on a mission to see what my hair can do when I treat mine the way she treats hers. See, basically all she does is color (once in a while), trim, and blow dry her hair (if she even feels like it). Her locks are so healthy, and she definitely turns heads when she walks down the street.

So why wouldn't I want my hair to be like that, right? My sister is my inspiration. I even posted a little bit about it here.

Just in case you can't picture how incredibly beautiful she is, I have done a favor for you and included a few amazing photos.

Senior photo, 2006.
Cheerleading for University of Idaho, 2009.
Since I'm a mean, jealous sister, I feel obliged to also include a few, um... other photos, too. MUAHAHA.

4th of July, 2010.
Sometime after a football game at U of I.
I have no idea when this was taken but HAHAHAHA.
OK, enough of the mean stuff. Can you now see WHY she is my inspiration? I don't even think I needed to explain it. One photo would have been enough. I love my sister. If only she'd just give me her hair.

1 comment:

  1. That's exactly what I want my hair to look like. Pity I've always got a serious case of the frizz. That crab photo is so cute.


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