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Friday, November 25, 2011

Scene Hair.

OK, I'll admit. I'm not 100% sure what these girls are thinking... but it sure is, um... interesting.


I personally think it's kind of cool, though it's not a look I would ever sport or let my future kids wear. No way Josè. But for these girls... obviously it fits them pretty well. Also... I see two common trends when searching for scene hair. 1) Duck face. 2) Thirteen-year-olds. Yet another reason I will not be opting for this 'do.

Have you heard of scene hair? What is your opinion?


  1. hahaha have you ever been to the duckface blog? so funny: http://antiduckface.com/

    i think nicki minaj's hairstyles are taking over the teenage generation... and not in a good way! yikesss

  2. Hehe, do they look in the mirror. Great for dress ups I guess.
    Awesome site Kristen

  3. this hair syle is very amazing,its the kind of hair style i have so all thoes people who wanna say trashy shit...parents/teahcers/kids do it i dare you,your intitled to your opinion but for thoes people who want to just amke people feel bad for what they love...screw off love all you haters<3 bye^-^

  4. I think it's kind of cute. I think it is very creative and a harmless way of self expression. I don't know that I would want my daughter (whom is 13) coloring, ironing or using so much product but even then I think it's completely harmless.

  5. Okay first of all they're not 13. Most of these girls are in high school. Another thing is, its not your body and hair, so just let them be who they wanna be. I mean is it rly hurting anyone?

  6. I think it's cute The style is called scene and it's just who they are scenes are very fun they like anime and the hair is adorable It's like girly girls it's just they personality same with any other sorta of group right? honestly who's it hurting? Huh? Let them be THEMSELVES let them Express themselves!!!

  7. As a former scene girl... I can tell you that even though it looks amazing, you ruin your hair. For instance the amount of hair dye it takes to keep the color that vibrant is more than you should use in a decade. The amount of product needed to keep it this way? not to mention the hours straightening it. You end up getting over this and being left with damaged, unhealthy hair.

    Not to mention I look back at photographs and just shake my head wondering why I though this looked cool.


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