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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Halo Braid.

I just can't get enough of my sister. She was only in town this weekend for two days and it wasn't enough. And it really wasn't fair, either. Seriously, all I did for those two days was look at her hair. And look. And get jealous. And then I would look at it again. Alas... sigh. Maybe, someday. 

So, I may have wasted my time while she was in town, but she used those two days wisely to show me two new hairstyles. One was yesterday's sock bun style, and one was today's Halo Braid. It's really just a continuous French braid, but she decided that it needed a catchy name... thus, Halo Braid was born.

To be quite honest, I'm not too sure if she named it after the style of the hair, or the fact that she played hours of Halo with my brother this weekend. Clearly, we have a Halo theme up in herrrr. 

See how it sort of looks like a continuous French braid? Cool, right?

Really, all you do is French braid your hair in two simple braids. Then, tuck your ends under, up and inside the opposite side's braid and pin it to secure it in place. Does that make sense?

You know how when you French braid your hair and if you stick your finger up through the back of the braid there is kind of a hole that you can make? All you need to do is just stick the other side's braid tail up that hole and pin it.

This definitely works better for girls with medium length hair, like mine. My sister's is way too long to get the ends all the way up in there.

Another cool part about this style is that if you do it on clean hair, you can rock it all day, sleep on it, and take it out the next day for voluptuous crimped waves. It's 2 styles in one!

Seriously, sister. You need to come back to Boise more often!! Please?


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  2. Your explanation makes sense in my head, but my eyes can't see where the ends are tucked up. Looks amazing. I think this is my favourite style so far.

  3. Gorgeous! it's done so perfectly and you suite it very well


  4. I just love this hairstyle! Wish I could do this on myself.


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