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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

TBD Inspired.

Boy, oh boy. If there is one beauty site that I love out there, it is The Beauty Department. They feature makeup, hair, DIY, tutorials, polls, and all sorts of fun stuff. I check out their site each and every day looking for new ideas and things to try.

One downside of TBD's hair section is that they are huge fans of hairspray, hair products and teasing. Considering that I'm not allowed to tease or touch products for the next 350 days, I have to modify a couple of the hairstyles to suit my needs.

A particularly fun hairstyle that caught my eye recently was their Short Hair Chignon. It is meant for girls with long bobs, but considering my hair is just past shoulder-length, it works just fine. In fact, I'm a firm believer that this hairstyle will work for just about any length of hair if you secure it right.

For today's style, it's important to make sure your hair is curled or has some good texture. Yesterday, my hair had been Wrap Snap & Go curled, so it was just relaxed enough for this style today. I chose to keep my hair parted in the front just to make it easier. I grabbed one of my favorite elastic headbands and placed it on top of my hair and pulled it down a little bit to make it snug. With the hair at the back of my head, I simply separated a couple pieces, twisted them, and tucked them up and into the headband. And that is it. This style is so so so simple. The only bobby pin in my hair is the one holding the front curl in place (I can't stand loose hair around my face). Since my hair had some body from the day before, I didn't have to tease it or anything. I just tugged on a couple pieces to give it the teased look, and went on my merry way.

If my messy rant is too confusing, you could also visit the Short Hair Chignon link, since TBD was awesome and posted a video tutorial for how to do the style.

Basically... I love TBD. Love, love, LOVE. If I could be as cool as they are some day, that would be fabuloso. But until then, I'm the dork in the corner. Peace out, yo!


  1. HEY I got you that headband I think!!! Cute :)

  2. Love it. Headband is really pretty and works so well on you. I think this may have to be another of your go-to styles

  3. Absolutely stunning. I love it and your blog is super cute. xo

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