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Monday, October 24, 2011

Shirley Temple.

You asked for it... you get it! In homage to the legend Shirley Temple, I attempted her spiraled, corkscrew 'do.

While shopping at Sally Beauty the other day, I spotted the As Seen On TV Wrap Snap & Go curlers. With no haste, I snatched those babies up. I'm definitely looking for new hair innovations to try to give me some body and OOMPH, and those promised to give me the curly, voluminous look. How could I resist?
As with all my curling and braiding methods, I washed my hair and began while it was damp. The directions suggest to roll the middle section of your hair, interlocking the curlers as you go, and then begin on the sides. I started curling the middle section and found that it wasn't hard at all.

This would definitely be easier on longer hair. I want to try this method with more of a spiral along the roller next time. This time, I just rolled the hair under itself, like a sponge roller. I wasn't sure (since I couldn't use hairspray to keep it in place, as they suggest) that it would hold if I tried the spiral approach. Overall, it took about 20 minutes to roll my entire head. That's not bad at all! If I could get results from a 20-minute prep, it's definitely worth it.

It doesn't look like it would hold too well, since they are just little cloth/foam rollers. Surprisingly, they were quite tight and held all throughout the night. In fact, they didn't budge a bit and they were almost too tight. I looked like I had a face lift when I had finished rolling. It was pretty amusing.

I awoke this morning to find a few of the rolls still a little damp. Bummer. I took them out right before I got to work and found myself with cute little Shirley Temple curls. They're so bouncy and fun!

As you might expect, I really didn't want to leave them like that all day. I mean, they're cute on Shirley, but not on a grown woman... er... lady... er... they're just not cute on me (hehe, I don't consider myself a "grown woman" quite yet). Actually... they are cute, but cute isn't really the look I'm going for. Not for work at the hospital, anyway.

Since they were still a little damp when I took the curlers out, I waited about an hour before running my fingers through my hair to relax the curls. The final product was astounding! I love getting voluminous, curly hair from a 20-minute, super-easy prep.

The downside of this style is that I began while my hair was still a little too wet. Unfortunately I've made that mistake quite a few times over the last week. But, when I began, I didn't know how fast my hair would dry with this technique, so I charged ahead with my damp hair. I think this style is one that really should be done on hair that is only slightly damp or completely dry. Just to be safe.

The upside of Wrap Snap & Go is that they are so easy to use. They stay in all night and their instruction book includes lots of fun things that you can do with the curlers. Also, the curl is bomb-dot-com. I am really surprised at how well this style worked, considering my hopes weren't too high. You know, it is one of those As Seen On TV products... how was I supposed to know it would actually work? I mean, I tried the As Seen On TV doggie Pedi Paws, and those were just horrible for trimming my little puppy's nails. And don't even think about it... I will not be trying the As Seen On TV Bumpit. No way Josè.

Well, to wrap up this Shirley Temple tribute... Shirley, we love you. Here's to 83 years of your greatness. Keep it up, lady!


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