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Sunday, October 16, 2011


Approximately a week before starting BBB, I told my mom my mission and how I planned to execute the challenge over the next year. Promptly after hearing I was giving up my teasing and hairspray, she interjected and questioned:

"You're not going to go all granola on me and let your leg hair grow out, too, are you?"
Oh, mom. You're so cute. In addition, that very same evening, my dad asked me if I was going to turn into a Rastafarian. I was like, "Dad. That doesn't even make sense!!" Oh, dad. So precious.

Just because I'm giving up teasing, hairspray and hair dye doesn't mean I'm going to just let myself go. I'm still going to be doing my makeup. I'm still attempting (key word there: attempting) to pick out cute outfits. I will still be doing my hair. It will just not be as big, poofy or stiff. And by all means, I'm DEFINITELY not going to let my leg hair grow out. Gross.


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