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Friday, October 21, 2011

The Go-To.

Once in a while, always on the days you need to look the most presentable (of course), do you ever find yourself sleeping in until the last minute? You know that you need to wake up when the alarm goes off. But you don't. Because your bed is warm and cozy, and sleeping just 10 (or 40) more minutes just sounds sooo splendid.

It seems like I have those kind of days just a tad bit too often. Today was no exception. I knew I needed to wake up early and do something nice with my hair because I was presenting about my blog at a work meeting. I mean, come on... you can't expect me to go to a big-wig meeting at work to present about my HAIR blog with shabby looking hair, now can you? Don't be ridiculous.

Unfortunately, the 15 minutes I allotted myself to make my bed, shower, apply makeup and do my hair just wasn't enough. It should be. But it wasn't. Thus, I ended up pulling my hair into a simple low ponytail after I arrived at work. It's basically my easy go-to look, and I think I'll be sporting it quite often over the next year.

Cheers to go-to looks! Now if I could just make it appear a bit more presentable...

Oh well. What can you do? (Ahem... get up earlier?) Oh... well... yeah. About that...

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