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Friday, October 7, 2011

Bye Bye Beehive.

Whoa. That's a pretty long time, no?

Earlier this week, I awoke in the middle of a deep, dark rainy night with a light bulb going off over my head. I just had to start a new blog. I had to try something new.  And I wanted to document my journey along the way. As if I don't already have enough going on, with my full-time job (at Boise's best local, non-profit hospital, of course) the gym, and 2 other blogs... I still felt compelled to delve into my very own shallow mission. Yes, I purposefully said shallow. This next year will not be filled with me traveling the world, saving any lives or making a big difference in my local community for the greater good. Unfortunately. Instead, I plan on focusing on my HAIR. If you're suddenly thinking, "Well, whoop-dee-doo for you... how lame and terribly unfulfilling your life must be," then this blog just might not be something that you would want to save to your Favorites. However, if, by some small chance, you are interested in seeing my kick-butt hair days, my big-time hair fails, or even just want a new site to peruse, then by all means-- stick around!

See, here's the thing... I'm known for being a huge fan of ultra-teased, budge-proof, mega-poof hair. Come on... I was a cheerleader, people. The "Utah Poof" is a staple to any cheer uniform. Except for my sister's uniform. Figures. She is always commenting (bless her heart, because she's right), that my hair is too big, too stiff, and just too "perfect" looking. In fact, though I'm usually flaunting teased tresses, I'm quite envious of my sister's hair. She has always had super-thick, long, shiny, healthy, natural (I could go on and on) brunette hair. It is always styled effortlessly and she always turns heads with her luscious locks. Needless to say... I want MY hair to look like hers. I'm hoping the next three hundred and sixty five day venture will help me achieve the long, beautiful hair I have always wanted.

Now, I have to admit; I'm not the creative brain behind the idea of this challenge. Actually, those honors fall on the shoulders of two amazing, inspirational, gorgeous ladies. The first is the girl who attempted this challenge earlier this year. Her name is Kayte and she is just a drop-dead stunner. She was going to go 6 months without coloring, cutting, or using heat tools on her hair. Sadly, she didn't quite make it. But she owned up to that fact and I thought it was really cool how she admitted that her "failure" was not even a failure at all. She tried something. It didn't work. She moved on. That's beautiful. See, she had been encouraged by my other glamorous friend, Kelli Ryder, who went on a 365 day no-shopping spree and succeeded. Lord knows how she had the courage and determination to make it the whole time. But she and Kayte came up with this challenge, and I have taken it upon myself to see that it is completed. I may be crazy... no, just kidding... I am crazy already, so why not?

Now, here are the ground rules:
  • Bye Bye Beehive, the 365 day project, begins Tuesday, October 11, 2011 and finishes Thursday, October 11, 2012. I thought the day was cool... so that's why I chose it. 10/11/12 Completion date. Simple.
  • I will begin the challenge with a trim. My great friend Lindsey will be trimming my hair the day before the project begins to give me a starting point.
  • I will not be coloring it beforehand, because the end goal is healthy hair... so why damage it right before I start?
  • There are a couple big no-no's of what I cannot do or use. And it is a BIG DEAL for me to give these things up. Seriously. They are as follows:
    • NO highlights or hair dye.
    • NO hair cuts. Trims only.
    • Absolutely NO teasing, ratting or back-combing my hair.
    • NO heat tools, such as: blow dryers, straighteners, curling irons, hot rollers, etc.
    • NO styling products, such as: mousse, gel, pomade, serums, foams, and especially no hairspray (GASP-- my biggest ally)
  • I can get trims because I need to keep the ends healthy. Healthy hair grows better and faster (or so I've heard).
    • Since this challenge is inspired by my sister's gorgeous mane... I will abide by her wishes. The lucky bride-to-be is getting married on September 5, 2012 to the nicest, most amazing man. She mandates that there is no way I am allowed to do this unless I can break the rules for her wedding day. And I think that it's a reasonable request. She can't have her maid of honor looking shabby on her wedding day, can she? So I will allow my hair to be blow dried, teased, curled... whatever she wants that day. But still no color, highlights, or cutting. Just styled for the day. Capiche?
That's it! See, shallow right? And so, my big hair bereavement adventure begins October 11, 2011. Like the Little Engine That Could, I will remind myself, "I think I can! I think I can! I think I can!" Because truly, I can. I think :)


  1. Guess what? I am reading this blog from the first post to the last. I really want to get better with my long hair and I think this well help, hopefully. I want to learn to style my hair (without the yucky heat or gel).

  2. Not very far. I read to the Bantu Knot-Out. Hahaha It was a very funny post.


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