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Friday, October 14, 2011

Bantu Knot-Out.

Ban-a-what? Don't worry, I didn't know what Bantu knots were, either. One of my natural hair buddies on Twitter checked out my blog and suggested I try Bantu knots for a fun and different style. I had to Google search them and even had to watch a YouTube tutorial to see what these were and how to do them.

As soon as I figured them out, I decided I was going to opt for a "Bantu knot-out." That is where you put your hair in Bantu knots, but then take them out for luscious, spiraled curls. Well, that's the intention anyway. I just couldn't resist this style! I went straight to work after I got out of the shower last night. It is recommended to do Bantu's on your hair when it is wet or slightly damp to help the knots stay in, and to also help your hair hold the curl. I added a leave-in conditioner as well to hopefully help preserve the knots.

About an hour and a full box of bobby pins later (since my hair is so fine it did not want to stay in these knots), I ended up with this look:

Yep. Sexxxayyy.

Within 10 minutes of having my knots completed, I was told that I would look good as a bald person and that I also looked like Buckwheat from Little Rascals. Awesome.

O-TAY!!! I guess that's at least more realistic than saying that I look like Bo Derek.

Before I went to bed, I sprayed the knots with water since they were starting to fall out. I then wrapped my hair with a silk scarf so my tossing and turning during the night wouldn't disrupt those little babies. And guess what? I even took a photo. Just for you... because once again, it's just such an attractive look for me.

Duck face.

This morning when I woke up, each knot was still in place. In fact, I don't even think I moved more than once or twice last night because my hair didn't budge a bit. After I finished getting ready, I removed all my bobby pins and unwound the knots.

Some of my hair was still a little damp (bummer) so I left it like this while I drove to work. I turned the air on high in my car in an effort to help dry the few spirals that were still damp.

When I got to work I ran my hands through the spirals and ended up with a kinked, funky look. I think I know what it feels like to have naturally curly hair now!

Ha! The back is simply dreadful. I was really not too happy with this look because it is just all over the place. I decided to grab a couple trusty bobby pins and secure the hair into bumps on each side of my part to help it look just a little bit more styled. I'm actually quite happy with how the front looks now.

The back is definitely still struggling, though. Sorry for all the photos today... I just couldn't resist the montage.

Overall, Bantu knots are so fun. They are a LOT of work, but they create a totally unique look that I would love to try again to see if I can make it look better. Who knows... maybe next time I'll just opt for Bantu knots (not the knot-out)... and go to work with those little balls all over my head! Wouldn't that impress the boys?! Hmmm... In fact... maybe I will try that. :)


  1. I think you should definately try that, just for the reactions.

  2. Aw , don't give up on the bantu knots. Beleive it or not, I do get lovely and natural looking curls from them. I would say that your problem wasthat you created too many knots If you try again, do only 5 or 6 knots. your curls will be bigger and less kinky. Also, practice extreme caution in loosening the knots when you unwind them. Spread your fingers wide and make quick short tugs down the length of your hair until you reach the ends. This will give you volume too. Here is the link to the blogI learned from. Good luck!

  3. I love that you posted the pictures for this! I had tried this method of curling my hair and it was an absolute disaster. I have thin hair also so maybe doing fewer would work. Or maybe our hair just doesn't work with this method.

    Thanks for the laugh ;]

  4. You should try the Bantu Knots again now that your hair is longer!!

  5. A few years ago I did my hair like this and my roommate took a picture of me making a funny face and my hair in those knots. A month later the picture was FRAMED and on display at a surprise party our office threw for me passing my National Boards! I was so embarrassed!

  6. I never knew these had a name, I've been using this method to curl my hair for a long time. I have pretty thick hair and heat curling doesn't really work for me. I also try and stay away from hair spray, although I often find it inescapable. I really like using Bantu knots because it's so fast in the morning. I would start with DRY hair and try just rubbing some leave-in treatment oil (I use one by Garnier, it was only like $4) or leave-in conditioner so that your hair is a little damp. Then I do about 5 knots front to back like a mohawk, and then do the rest, trying to make them all the same size. My BEST discovery with these overnight curls is using a more finger-curl like method. I wrap a section of my hair around my finger (or two fingers, depending on the width of the curl desired) starting at the base and secure the loop with a couple pins.
    If your hair is still wet when you take out the pins, the style is pretty much ruined in my experience.
    Maybe you've already tried this, but for absolute all-day hold and a beautiful Hollywood-style curl, I use foam rollers overnight, but don't roll them up all the way because you might look like Shirley Temple!
    Best of luck, love your site! Great for using hair-healthy techniques!

  7. I still love that second photo of you. It's sooo funny!

  8. Oh my gosh. I would NEVER take a photo like that these days... well, maybe I would actually. But probably not :)

  9. I think you would if you were doing a tutorial but it's still cute photo.


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