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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Annelise Au Naturel.

Yep. You heard me. OOF dah. After 16 days of this product and processing-free challenge, I finally broke down and didn't do anything with my hair.

I woke up this morning, showered and washed my hair, did my normal 10-minute get-ready routine, and left the house. I untangled my wet hair in the car. And a short 30 minutes later, I had this:

There you go. Annelise au naturel. The hair pictured above is a bona fide air-dried 'do. That means no teasing, no styling, no hairspray, and definitely no products applied to that hair.

Some may say it looks decent. I can't stand it. It wings out on the sides and just hangs on my head like a two-week old dishrag. Now you see why I'm all about sponge rollers, braids, and Wrap Snap & Go... no matter how cheesy they are.

So that's my au naturel look for you, as my coworker Zoë calls it. I think I'd much rather prefer to have naturally curly, big hair... or Annelise au les cheveux efféminé. AKA... Annelise with poofy hair!


  1. Ok, this post kinda made me hate you a little.. Lol! kidding, But seriously if you think thats poofy you'd hate to have my freak show hair =)

  2. FINALLY!!! I've been waiting for the natural look this whole time! This is MUH (my) STYLE girl! Love it :)

  3. No where near as pouffy as mine but I can still see why you like it. Very pretty new profile pic. And I've thought of another style you can use, I'm just trying to think of the right way to word the tut for it.


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